Forthcoming decisions

Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Lower Thames Crossing Update13/11/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Grays South Regeneration: Civic Offices Project13/11/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Review of the Balance of In-House vs. Out-Sourced Services13/11/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Treasury Management Mid-Year Report13/11/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Children and Young People's Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health - School Wellbeing Service13/11/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Acquisition of Employment Use Land16/10/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Developing a New Residential Care Facility & New Model of Primary Care in South Ockendon16/10/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Annual Public Health Report 2018: Older People's Housing16/10/2018For Determination16/01/2019
HRA Business Plan, Budget and Rent Setting 2019/20 Onwards16/10/2018For Determination13/02/2019
Community Hubs and Libraries Strategies11/09/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Children's Transport - Reprocurement of Service14/08/2018For Determination12/12/2018
2018/19 Capital Monitoring Report14/08/2018For Determination13/03/2019
2018/19 Capital Monitoring Report14/08/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Thurrock Council Adult Social Care Mental Health Peer Review Report14/08/2018For Determination13/03/2019
Quarterly Corporate Performance Report 2018/1912/06/2018For Determination13/03/2019
Quarterly Corporate Performance Report 2018/1912/06/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Q3 Financial Position and MTFS Update12/06/2018For Determination13/03/2019
Q2 Financial Position and MTFS Update12/06/2018For Determination12/12/2018
Fees and Charge Pricing Strategy 2019/2012/06/2018For Determination13/02/2019