Agenda item

Statements by the Leader


The Leader began his statement by reminding Members that the Council was currently in a period of purdah due to the by-election in Aveley and Uplands ward. He reminded Members of the purdah guidance that party political statements should not be made through Council channels.

He moved on to discuss the recent occurrence in Purfleet whereby two off-duty enforcement officers caught two men attempting to fly-tip hundreds of tyres. He stated that the would-be fly-tippers were now facing prosecution and a £50,000 fine due to the actions of the off-duty enforcement officers, and stated that the council would be looking into ways to take legal action regarding the proceeds of crime, if they were found guilty. The Leader added that fly-tipping in Thurrock would not pay and is not a victimless crime as it costs the council money, which could be better used elsewhere. He then asked residents to always check waste carrier licences if they saw an advert for cheap waste clearance, as residents could face a fine if their rubbish ended up fly-tipped, as it could promote criminal activity. The Leader stated that much money had been invested into the Linford Waste and Recycling Centre, and over 3000 van permits had been issued since the scheme began last year. He stated that those people who had applied for van permits when the scheme was announced would soon have to reapply free of charge, and reminded those residents to do so. He added that those residents who would like a permit should apply two weeks before they wish to visit the Centre. He mentioned that ANPR cameras were being installed at the site to make the system more efficient. He also stated that at the recent Environment Agency inspection the site had received no breaches of usage.

The Leader then described how the 4th round of the CEDF fund was now available to residents to use to deliver community projects, for example installing fencing, painting, clearing undergrowth and improving walkways. He stated that it was up to residents to decide what to use the money for and he was looking forward to receiving applications. He added that four events would be held across the borough to give residents ideas on what to apply for, and to make the system fair. He finally stated that the CEDF grant was open until 17 May 2019.

The Leader moved on to the Clean It, Cut It, Fill It Update and stated that since April 2018: 3225 potholes had been filled, with 98% in target time; 1230 acres of grass had been cut; 1871 fly-tips had been cleared; 1015 tonnes of rubbish had been removed; and 3660 fixed penalty notices had been issued for offences such as littering and spitting. The Leader also commented on Councillor Hebb and Councillor Coxshall’s non-attendance at the meeting as they were currently attending the Local Government Chronicle Awards where Thurrock Council had been nominated for ‘Most Entrepreneurial Council’ and had been nominated for an award regarding the work the Council had undertaken on the ‘Head Start Housing’ project. He added that the Chief Executive and two other senior officers were currently at the MIPIN Conference doing business worldwide. He stated that this had been funded solely through sponsorship and had zero cost for the taxpayer. He added that at the MIPIN Conference in 2018, over £100,000 in pre-planning money had been given to Thurrock due to the trade made there.