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Sustainability and Transformation Plan Consultation Outcome - Verbal Update


Tom Abell, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Transformation Officer, Basildon & Thurrock Hospital Trusts, provided Members with an update on the STP Consultation Outcomes. On the 6 July 2018, the CCG Joint Committee supported the 19 recommendations within the decision making business case. The post decision scrutiny stage has now begun and the Joint Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee met last week and will now focus on key issues such as transport, workforce and finances. That the People’s Panel had been set up by HealthWatch to review the services being moved from Orsett Hospital into the Integrated Medical Centres which would provide an independent voice on what changes would take place. Work would continue with the Clinical Commissioning Group and Thurrock Council and publicity on the changes to the services would be advertised and be posted on social media. Tom Abell stated Orsett Hospital would not close until services had been relocated. There would be a lot of work to be done over the next couple of years and would present regular updates to Members so that residents were assured that all services currently at Orsett would stay in Thurrock.


The Chair thanked Tom Abell for the update.


Councillor C Kent questioned who the members of the People’s Panel would be. Kim James stated the panel would not be overseen as part of the Sustainability and Transformation Plan or by the Clinical Commissioning Group but be made up of local people. These local people would be from patient groups, community groups, carers and residents who had an interest or currently used the services at Orsett Hospital. Kim James stated the first core group would take place on the 17 September 2018 where the terms of reference would need to be agreed and a chair and vice chair be appointed. A member of HealthWatch would be available to assist with the administration items and a web site and a Facebook page would be created to help engage with residents.


The Chair stated that as resident’s representatives Members should continually ask questions to reassure residents. The Chair asked how members and residents could get more involved. Kim James stated the People’s Panel would include regular users of services and engagement with residents would continue. With local community leaders representing groups and members of the public would be welcome to participate with HealthWatch monitoring the panel and provide necessary feedback.


Councillor C Kent asked how the transport links would work between each of the four Integrated Medical Centres. Tom Abell stated lots of work was being undertaken to improve the accessibility of the transport links between the Integrated Medical Centres and discussions had already taken place with bus companies.


Councillor C Kent asked for clarification on what services would remain in Orsett and not be transferred to Brentwood and Basildon. Tom Abell stated currently a third of the services were used by residents from Brentwood and Basildon and those would remain within those areas. Tom Abell stated different services would be delivered from the four Integrated Medical Centres with some being rotated, with the final decision being made by the Clinical Commissioning Group and BTUH. Some fixed services such as minor injuries and renal dialysis would be located at the Grays Integrated Medical Centre as this was the most central area.


The Chair requested that any future reports should include an explanation as to how Brentwood and Basildon services would be located.


Councillor Redsell stated as a member of the Bus User Group discussions had already taken place on the transport links to the four Integrated Medical Centres. The Chair agreed these decisions should be raised at all groups.


Councillor Allen touched on the catchment area in Tilbury and how these services would be affected. Tom Abell stated the Integrated Medical Centre would not replace patient’s choice and that choice may still be there when the Tilbury Integrated Medical Centre had been built. Services such as outpatients and ultra-scanning would be situated in Tilbury but not fixed services such as minor injuries and renal dialysis.


Councillor Rigby questioned where surgical procedures would be undertaken. Tom Abell stated due to the nature of the equipment and the number of users these procedures would be based at only one of the Integrated Medical Centres.


Councillor C Kent questioned how the four Integrated Medical Centres would cope with the projected increase of homes being built in the borough and how confident the right amount of services would be provided. Tom Abell stated planning meetings had taken place which focused on future needs to ensure the better and modern facilities were used more effectively.


Roger Harris stated future proof design of the buildings had taken place to ensure the Integrated Medical Centres be open for longer and to avoid repeated attendance and less attendance at hospitals. The space would be more flexible for the services available. Ian Wake was currently working on a report on the workforce for the Integrated Medical Centres.


Tom Abell left the committee room at 7.33pm.