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Integrated Health and Wellbeing Centres (IMWCs) and co-location opportunities across Thurrock


A report was provided to members with an update on the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Centres (IMWCs) Programme and the opportunities for co-location in Thurrock. A correction was made to the paper that Corringham IMWC had 97% of the premises utilised with the space being used well.


The following points were raised:


·       The chair stated his disappointment of the report and questioned why seven years since the start of the project NHS England had only now confirmed that this was not a workable plan.

·       The chair asked for some clarification on the Gray’s site as to why the works were not going ahead and questioned whether this was reliant on the sale of other assets.

·       The chair was bewildered that there was this plan but no money in place to deliver it.

·       The chair assumed and questioned that as there would now not be any centres, Orsett Hospital would remain open to a high standard which had been part of the original plan.

·       The chair asked for assurances that Orsett Hospital would remain maintained.

·       Member raised her concern that the ICB were being under challenged and that a further closer investigation needed to be undertaken.

·       Member raised her concerns that she had no confidence that Orsett Hospital would remain open.

·       Member referred to the void primary care space in the section of the report and stated that buildings referred to in Stifford Clays and Ockenden were not fit for purpose.

·       Member raised his anger and frustrations but had confidence that Ian Wake’s team would succeed in their plans to provide a decent service. The team would have members support and discussed how this would be communicated to communities.

·       Member stated the situation now required a public inquiry to take place, to identify what, why and how this had happened and demand answers.

·       Member questioned why the Corringham IMWC did not offer evening appointments.

·       Member stated his disappointment but had not been surprised and questioned why the portfolio holder was not working to get results.

·       Member stated there was no public confidence that these services would be there in the future.

·       Member stated the committee should hear from those that had been involved and accountable.

·       Member stated that with no money to maintain Orsett Hospital would this close and asked for reassurances that this should not be the case, that Orsett Hospital would maintain in a safe manner until it closed.

·       Member stated in hindsight, details and the financial viability should have been carried out before the project started.

·       Kim James stated that feedback received was that promises to residents had not been kept, a lot of money had been spent but nothing to show for it, it was clear residents need those services. Also that the blame was being put on the council rather than the NHS. The expectation from residents was that Thurrock residents never got anything.


At 9.20pm, the chair extended standing orders to 10pm.


At 9.21pm, Fiona Ryan left the meeting.


·       Member referred to capital funding and questioned how much was received in previous years.

·       Member stated that Orsett Hospital was a centre piece of health care in Thurrock and residents did not deserve to be put in a high-risk situation.

·       Member stated an apology was due and consideration of NHS England paying compensation.

·       Member thanked officers for the work that had been undertaken and appreciated those efforts.

·       Member questioned whether the committee had powers to call in witnesses, those NHS staff who had signed off on business cases who needed to be responsive to the committee’s questions. It was agreed that the Chair and Vice Char would liaise with the portfolio holder. Action 12

·       Member raised her concern that those parcels of land set aside for the centres could be lost.

·       Member questioned what monies had been ringfenced.

·       Member stated all the uncertainties were unfair for staff delivering services at Orsett Hospital.

·       Member stated this could have an impact on the fellowship program.

·       Member stated this required the help and support from the portfolio holder.


At 9.33pm, Mark Graver left the meeting.


·       The chair made a statement to which members commented on.




Action 11 - Update on the alternative provisions for the Integrated Health and Wellbeing Centres (IMWCs), Orsett Hospital risk stratification and the occupancy and opening hours of the Corringham IMWC to be provided at the next meeting.


Action 12 – The chair and vice chair to liaise with the Cabinet Member for Health, Adults Health and Community regarding holding NHS England to account for its decisions on the IMWC programme (potential call for witnesses at the next meeting, in line with the scrutiny procedures).



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