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Adults, Housing and Health - Fees and Charges Pricing Strategy 2023/24


The report presented sets out the fees and charges in relation to services within the remit of this overview and scrutiny committee. Charges will take effect from the 1st of April 2023, unless otherwise stated. In preparing the proposed fees and charges, directorates had worked within the charging framework and commercial principles set out in Section 3 of the report. Considered the effect that the increase in interest rates and the cost-of-living crisis had on the local economy, services and the continued implications from Covid. Further Director delegated authority would be sought via Cabinet to allow Fees and Charges to be varied within financial year in response to changes in government legislation, all other changes in year would be brought back to Cabinet via the Service Director for transparency. Members were referred to the updated proposed charges detailed in Appendix 1, and the proposed deletion of current fees and charges in Appendix 2 to this report.


Councillor Pothecary thanked officers for the report and was pleased and encouraged that library members were still being given two hours free internet access. Councillor Pothecary referred to individual charging prices and questioned whether there was any further information or progress in putting adult social care onto a funding model which had some parity with health funding to Catherine Wilson stated she was not aware that any progress had been made but agreed to check and let members know.


Councillor Polley referred to recommendation 1.1, consultation, to which Catherine Wilson stated there was nothing in the report at this stage that would need to be consulted on. The only item that would need consultation on was the report this evening on assistive technology, for the increase in residential charges each individual would be individually financially assessed. Members were informed this was just a point in the report that should consultation need to be undertaken a report would be presented to committee. Catherine Wilson reiterated the adult social care charges outlined in appendix 1 there would be nothing to consult on because nothing had increased apart from the domiciliary care which had already taken place.


Councillor Ralph recognised that recommendation 1.1 had been added to the report in error. Officers confirmed the recommendation had been added in error and that no consultation would take place. It was noted that members of the committee were given the opportunity to comment on the report and all members noted the contents of the report and appendices. Therefore, resolved item 1, reflected the above.  



1.  That the Health and Wellbeing OverviewandScrutinyCommitteenote the revised fees and charges including those no longer applicable; and commented on the proposals currently being considered within the remit of this committee.


2.  That Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee noted that Director delegated authority would be sought from Cabinet to allow Fees and Charges to be varied within a financial year in response to legal or regulatory requirements.

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