Agenda item

Motion received from Councillor Anderson


The Motion, as printed in the Agenda was proposed by Councillor Anderson and seconded by Councillor Halden. The Motion read as follows:


Given the great importance the Conservative government has placed on the “prevent” agenda in terms of countering extremism, and the need to consider all of the human trafficking and modern day slavery implications of illegal entry and Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children, especially in areas with a large waterfront or port industry, the chamber wishes to have an appropriate member’s forum for “prevent”.


Therefore, following the procedure used to constitute the Corporate Parenting Committee as a formal Council Committee, we instruct the monitoring officer to present relevant terms of reference for the next meeting of the Full Council to help better protect our communities and those who come into our care.


Councillor Anderson stated the motion recognised the seriousness and the challenges being faced with the Prevent agenda and would give members the opportunity to scrutinise and discuss issues in an appropriate forum. That the current Prevent Members Working Group did not reflect the need to scrutinise these issues to the required extent required. With Thurrock being a port locality it was already known the seriousness of legal entry. That the scrutiny of these issues would not only serve the community but for those vulnerable people who would come into care in Thurrock. The Motion sought to create one committee that would focus on those issues and provide members with a joined up picture and approach. That a report would need to be presented to the General Services Committee in the event the motion being passed and encouraged members to support these important issues.


Councillor Coxshall was pleased to support the motion which would enable the Council to do something themselves to get that to move forward and work together to make sure human trafficking and modern day slavery would be addressed as Thurrock would become more of a target with the increasing traffic coming into Thurrock ports. That the motion would enable members to be fully aware across the full aspects of the concerns that would affect planning and port issues. Councillor Coxshall concluded the change to the constitution would highlight this properly.


Councillor Allen stated his full support of the motion which would provide an opportunity for members to discuss and scrutinise.


Councillor Halden, as seconder of the motion, stated it was good to see there was no opposition to the motion. That the issues affected all 49 members and all 49 members should be able to engage with and see how issues were being actioned. Councillor Halden stated were the motion passed this evening he would encourage all members to engage in the work of the committee to formulate a works plan and provide the appropriate scrutiny which was so important to safeguarding.


Councillor Anderson thanked members for their comments and requested the motion moved to the vote.


The Mayor called a vote on the Motion.


Members voted in favour of this Motion to which the Mayor announced the Motion carried.




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