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Orsett Hospital and the Integrated Medical Centres - Update Report


Roger Harris provided an update on the Integrated Medical Centres:


Corringham – Good progress had been made with the building contractor being appointed. The expected start on site date had been slightly delayed until the New Year due to the impacts of COVID.


Purfleet and Tilbury – The program had progressed at pace but due to the impacts of COVID these had paused but was on course to be delivered by the end of 2023.


Grays – This IMC had suffered the impacts of COVID as discussions were taking place on what services would be moved out of Orsett Hospital.


Tom Abell provided Members with an update on the proposed closure of Orsett Hospital.:


·         The Board had met this month to look at processes for the next steps.

·         COVID had stopped all service mapping and had not restarted as yet.

·         COVID permitting, this work would recommence in January 2021.

·         The closure of Orsett Hospital would still be 2025.

·         Decisions needed to be made on how to keep Orsett Hospital up and running until 2025.

·         Changes to services had been made with more services being moved from Basildon Hospital into Orsett Hospital such as CT scanner and potentially an MRI scanner, Day Unit and more work on Outpatients.


Tom Abell stated there was a commitment to deliver working with all the partners involved and apologised that this had taken longer than had hoped but due to COVID the hospital staff had worked flat out and was trying to get services restarted.


Councillor Muldowney thanked Tom Abell for the update and appreciated the delays were due to COVID and was grateful to all the NHS staff for all the work undertaken and requested that this report come back to committee and to also reference the recommendations made by the Orsett Hospital Task and Finish Group. Tom Abell suggested that the 14 January 2021 committee would be a good time for this report to be presented again.


Councillor Muldowney referred to the potential IMC Phase 2 in South Ockendon as mentioned in the report and questioned why this was included in the report if this was not to be an IMC as this caused confusion. Roger Harris stated it was too early to say in regards to a Phase 2 and this item in the report referred to the health centre expanding onto the White Acres site which would provide a potential wider primary care service on that site.


Councillor Ralph referred to the Grays IMC and questioned what services would now be offered there. Roger Harris stated that an update would be provided at the January committee as discussions were still taking place. Councillor Ralph stated that it was good news on the progress of the Corringham IMC.


Councillor Redsell stated that the Grays IMC was not being built in Grays but in Stifford Clays and had concerns over the amount of vehicles that would need to be parked on that site and this had to be a priority when considering the plans.


Councillor Ralph referred to the Grays IMC and questioned whether the services and plans would now change for this site and was this still the proper site with Orsett Hospital having to close in 2025. Tom Abell stated that service mapping would need to be carried out over time which would incorporate a new mix of services which would provide a better outcome of service provisions. Members agreed that this had to be done right.



That Members of the Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee considered and noted the report.


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