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19/01206/FUL Green House, Robinson Road, Horndon on the Hill, Essex, SS17 8PU


The application was introduced by the Principal Planner, who explained permission was sought for the construction of two detached 3-bedroom bungalows. He continued to explain the proposal included separate vehicular access and both dwellings would be well set back from the street frontage.  


Members heard the application site was approximately 30m wide and fronts onto Robinson Road. In addition the site was generally flat and was within an area that included buildings of sporadic spacing with varied design, scale and appearance.


It was highlighted that the site was located in the Green Belt. The Principal Planner continued to advise the Committee, one of the principal reasons the applicant had given for the application was infilling in a village.  The applicant therefore relied on paragraph 145(e) of the NPPf to justify the proposal. However the site in question was not deemed by officers to be within the village itself. It was explained to Members that when assessing the issue of whether the site was within the village of Horndon on the Hill, officers had exercised their judgement and deemed it was not, given the boundary lines of the application.  It was relevant that this matter had been considered by a Planning Inspector in 2018.


Martin Leyland, the Agent, presented his statement in support of the application.


Councillor Fletcher queried as to regardless of whether the application was located in a village or not as to the reason for refusal. Officers explained that the application was located within the Green Belt and it had been decided that in Officers opinions special circumstances did not apply to the application.


Councillor Sammons stated she was confused as to if along the same road there were other buildings and properties, why this application was for refusal. The Principal Planner explained there were other buildings, stables and a gas compound down Robinson Road,

However as the proposals comprised new buildings within the Green Belt the usual Green Belt tests applied.  It was considered that the development was inappropriate, was also harmful to the Green Belt and there were not factors amounting to the very special circumstances required to justify a departure from national and local policies.


During the debate it was remarked that it was right for the application to be presented to the Committee for consideration. Members agreed that the application site did not form part of a village and therefore could not benefit as one of the exceptions from inappropriate development.



During the debate it was remarked that it was right for the application to be presented to the Committee for consideration. Members agreed that whether the application be in the village or not the application was on Green Belt land. 


The Chair proposed the Officer’s recommendation for refusal and was seconded by Councillor Churchman. The Committee moved on to the vote.


For: (5) Councillors Tom Kelly (Chair), Chris Baker, Colin Churchman, David Potter and Sue Shinnick


Against: (2) Councillors Mike Fletcher (Vice-Chair) and Sue Sammons


Abstained: (0)


Planning application 19/01206/FUL was refused planning permission following Officer’s recommendation.

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