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Essex Pension Fund Advisory Board


Essex Pension Fund is one of around 100 across the UK which together make up the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).


In fact the LGPS is not just one of the largest pension schemes in the UK but also one of the largest in Europe with over 4.6 million scheme members. To qualify to be a member of the LGPS you must work in local government and not be entitled to join another public sector pension scheme.


The LGPS is also a statutory scheme which means the scheme is very secure as it is backed by central government. Not only that but it is the only public sector pension scheme that has a pension fund. However, the value of pension benefits scheme members are paid in retirement is not determined by the size of the fund but defined and set out in law which is why the LGPS is referred to as a Defined Benefit (DB) scheme.


Members of the Essex Pension Fund include people who work for Essex County Council, district and borough councils as well as a whole range of other organisations such as schools, academies, colleges, town and parish councils and charities who have applied to be part of the fund. The Essex Pension Fund is one of the largest LGPS funds in the country with over 400 participating employers.

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Phone: 01245 431912

Website: http://www.essexpensionfund.co.uk

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