Forthcoming decisions

Forthcoming decisions
Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Children Looked After Placement Commissioning10/10/2017For Determination10/01/2018
GP Standards Plan - Adoption and Delivery of Profile card Outcomes and Metrics10/10/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Developing a new residential care facility fit for the 21st century.10/10/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Fly Tipping of Alleys - Public Health Enforcement10/10/2017For Determination10/01/2018
Linford Household Waste and Recycling Centre - Interim measures and future redevelopment12/09/2017For Determination13/12/2017
2017/18 Capital Monitoring Report - Quarter 315/08/2017For Determination14/03/2018
2017/18 Capital Monitoring Report - Quarter 215/08/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Voluntary Sector Grants15/08/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Housing Allocations Policy Review 201715/08/2017For Determination10/01/2018
Corporate Performance Report 2017/18 - Mid Year15/08/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Central Grays Civic Buildings Optimisation13/06/2017For Determination08/11/2017
Fees and Charges Pricing Strategy 2018/1913/06/2017For Determination07/02/2018
Adoption of Coalhouse Fort Conservation Management Plan13/06/2017For Determination10/01/2018
HRA Business Plan, Rent Setting and Budget 2018/1913/06/2017For Determination07/02/2018
2018/19 General Fund Revenue Budget Report (Final Report)13/06/2017For Determination07/02/2018
2018/19 General Fund Revenue Budget Report (Draft Report)13/06/2017For Determination10/01/2018
Q3 Financial Position and MTFS Update13/06/2017For Determination14/03/2018
Q2 Financial Position and MTFS Update13/06/2017For Determination13/12/2017
Grays Masterplan23/05/2017For Determination08/11/2017
Aveley - A New Community Building15/11/2016For Determination13/12/2017