Committee details

Audit Committee

Purpose of committee

Providing independent assurance that the Authority's financial and risk management is adequate and effective and that there is a sound system of internal control that facilitates the effective exercise of its functions, including:

Keeping under review the Authority's own audit standards and whether they are relevant and represent best practice.

Considering or reviewing the following and the action taken on them and advising the Council and/or the Cabinet, as appropriate:

Internal and external audit plans and progress against plans

Summaries of external and internal audit reports and progress against recommendations made in audit reports

The annual report of the internal auditor and the Annual Governance

Approving the annual statement of accounts and whether appropriate accounting policies have been followed

Reports from inspection agencies, including the external auditor's Annual
Management letter and report to those charged with governance issues

Keeping under review the Authority's control environment and anti-fraud and anticorruption arrangements, including compliance with the Financial and Contracts Procedure Rules

Keeping under review the relationships between external and internal audit and other inspection agencies

Reviewing the performance of the Council's appointed Internal Audit provider.



Contact information

Support officer: Rhiannon Whiteley, Senior Democratic Services Officer.

Postal address:
New Road
RM17 6SL