Register of interests

Councillor Georgette Polley

I. x an elected member/commissioner of Thurrock Council on x declare all my interests as required by the relevant code of conduct adopted by the Council. I may be in breach of the code of conduct if I omit relevant information, or provide information that is false or misleading, do not give notice of any changes in my declared interests within 28 days and fail to declare interests at meetings.

1. Employment Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation
You Your spouse or partner *
East of England Ambulance Service Trust n/a
2. Sponsorship
You Your spouse or partner*
None n/a
3. Contracts
You Your spouse or partner*
None n/a
4. Land and Property
You Your spouse or partner*
The Monitoring Officer being satisfied there is reasonable cause, has pursuant to the Localism Act 2011 Section 32 (2) determined that the Disclosable Interest details shall not be displayed or published. n/a
5. Licences
You Your spouse or partner*
None n/a
6. Corporate Tenancies
You Your spouse or partner*
None n/a
7. Securities
You Your spouse or partner*
None n/a
8. Appointments by Council
You Your spouse or partner*
Council n/a
Corporate O&S -
Corporate Parenting Committee -
Health and Wellbeing O&S -
Hidden and Extreme Harms Prevention (sub) -
Planning Committee -
9. Other Registrable Interests
You Your spouse or partner*
Conservative Party n/a
Trustee Coalhouse Fort -
Volunteer @ GOPIC Grays Thurrock Food Bank -
Foundation Trust -
Belhus, Ockendon Community Forum -
Purfleet on Thames Community Forum -
NED Appointed Governor for MSE Hospital -
10. I recognise that I have a legal duty to complete this form and that I should not: (1) Omit any information which ought to be given in this notice; (2) Provide information that is materially false or misleading; (3) Fail to update this information as my circumstances change
Full Name Date
Councillor Georgette Polley 27/3/2024
11. Completed declaration received by:
Monitoring Officer Date
Daniel Fenwick 2/4/2024