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18/00450/OUT - Greenwise nurseries, Vange Park Road, Vange, Essex, SS16 5LA


Tom Scriven, Principal Planner, presented the application which sought planning permission for development of the site for up to 31 custom-build homes. The site fell within the definition of the NPPF regarding previous development of the site and there was an existing lawful use of the site.


Referring to page 83 of the agenda, Steve Taylor questioned the ‘fall-back position’ mentioned in the table. The Principal Planner explained that this referred to the lawful use of the site which was currently used for storage.


The Chair invited the speakers to present their statements.


The Agent, Mr James Bompas, presented his statement in support of the application.


The Chair asked if there were any similar type of developments to the application in Essex that were successful. The Principal Planner was aware of one successful planning appeal with a similar type of development but there were none in Essex.


Noting the objection regarding access on page 70 of the agenda, Councillor Hamilton asked whether there were problems in this area. Answering that Highways had been consulted, the Principal Planner said there had been no objections to the proposed access.


The Chair felt the development proposed was exciting and situated in an interesting location. The item was opened up to the Committee for debate.


Councillor Lawrence welcomed the application and was aware of building companies wishing to build in Thurrock and having a design code in place was good to ensure quality. She went on to say she had seen the site which needed tidying up.


Councillor Rice agreed that it was great to see custom build homes proposed as the government was encouraging this type of development. It was good to see that Thurrock was ahead on this type of development.


Councillor Hamilton questioned if the houses would be built simultaneously. The Chair said that this would depend on planning permission. The Principal Planner answered that uptake of the development would not be at the same time and developers would have to stick to the parameters outlined in the design code. Councillor Hamilton went on to ask if there was a limit or cut off point on building works. Explaining that this was not within the Planning Authority’s control, the Principal Planner said that there was no definite timescale of building works given the amount of people waiting for the scheme.


The Chair commented that developers were usually aware of the risks involved and 3 years to build was usually given upon permission although land was a different matter. The Principal Planner explained that once the land for the site was approved, development works on the site could commence. There was demand for the scheme and the uptake should be fairly quick.


Regarding the education contribution mentioned on page 70 of the agenda, Councillor Hamilton questioned how this would be arranged. The Principal Planner answered that the education contributions was arranged through the legal agreement with terms agreed.


Councillor Churchman welcomed the development and thought it would help to improve the site.


The Chair sought clarification on whether there would be 3 car park spaces per dwelling. Confirming this was the case, the Principal Planner said 3 was the minimum and it was within the design parameters.


The Chair moved the item on to voting based on the Officer’s recommendation. The Chair proposed the recommendation and Councillor Churchman seconded it.


For: (9) Councillors Councillors Tom Kelly (Chair), Steve Liddiard (Vice-Chair), Colin Churchman, Graham Hamilton, Angela Lawrence, David Potter, Gerard Rice, Sue Sammons and Sue Shinnick.


Against: (0)


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The application 18/00450/OUT - Greenwise nurseries, Vange Park Road, Vange, Essex, SS16 5LA was approved.


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