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Integrated Medical Centres : Delivering high quality health provision for Thurrock


Roger Harris, Corporate Director of Adults, Housing and Health, presented the report which updated Members on the progress made on all four Integrated Medical Centres with particular detail on the delivery of the Tilbury and Chadwell centre. The report would be presented to Cabinet on the 12 September 2018 to recommend that the Tilbury and Chadwell Integrated Medical Centre go out to tender. Roger Harris stated that the affordability tests were still to be carried out and planning applications would be submitted in the next few months.


The Chair noted that the Primary Care Model had been used in other areas and congratulated the team on the good work.


Councillor Redsell stated her concern with parking at the Thurrock Community Hospital when the Integrated Medical Centre was open. Camille James, Regeneration Programme Manager, assured Members that the increase in the parking requirements had been considered by the Highways and Planning and Regeneration Development Teams and would need to satisfy the needs of the Integrated Medical Centre.


The Chair stated that parking would depend on what services were at which Integrated Medical Centre. Camille James stated that parking would continue to be monitored but would depend on the number of staff, the services being offered and the turnover of services at each Integrated Medical Centre.


Roger Harris stated that parking had formed a major consideration in the planning of the Integrated Medical Centres.


Councillor C Kent questioned whether the building of the Purfleet Integrated Medical Centre was dependent on the Purfleet Regeneration going ahead on time.  Roger Harris stated that it had been made absolutely clear that the Purfleet Integrated Medical Centre would form part of the Phase 1 planning application.


Councillor C Kent asked about the transport links between Ockendon and Purfleet. Camille James stated that liaisons with local bus companies would take place prior to the Purfleet Integrated Medical Centre opening.


The Chair suggested that both the Health and Wellbeing and the Planning Transport and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committees work together going forward.


Camille James stated that the same report would be presented at the Planning Transport and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee next week and asked Members to forward any further questions to democratic services.


Councillor Redsell encouraged more Members and residents to attend the Bus User Group so that existing bus services and views from residents could be incorporated into the proposals.


Councillor Allen questioned what the investment potential and the return of the invested £20 million into the Integrated Medical Centres would be. Roger Harris stated the decisions to build the Integrated Medical Centres would be for Cabinet to decide. The building infrastructures were being made to improve health care in the borough and not as a profit making scheme. The cost of the building would be recouped back by the rents paid by occupiers of the building.


The Chair questioned how confident that the four Integrated Medical Centres would be ready by 2021. Roger Harris stated that realistically the centres would likely be ready by the end of 2021.




That the Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee commented on the current development with the delivery of the four Integrated Medical Centres across Thurrock.


Camille James and Rahul Chaudhari left the committee room at 8.42pm.

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