Agenda item

Verbal Update Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) Consultation


Mandy Ansell, Accountable Officer, Thurrock NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, presented to Members an update of Sustainability and Transformation Partnership with new arrangements for larger planning footprints for the future of health and care services with the main focus for hospitals was the reconfiguration. The Sustainability and Transformation Partnership configured of Clinical Commissioning Groups, Acute Trusts and Community Partners. That it was the statutory responsibility of the Clinical Commissioning Group to work together with partners, be accountable and ensure the services are in the right place. That the consultation recognised that the 3 hospitals were not sustainable as they currently stand. That last year’s bad winter had a detrimental effect on accident and emergency service with elective surgeries being cancelled due to the pressures put on Basildon Hospital. Part of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership focused on the future of Orsett Hospital.


That the Clinical Commissioning Group worked closely with Basildon Hospital with a decision being made on the 6 July 2018 on what services would be transferred out of the hospital.


Mandy Ansell offered Members the opportunity of an induction and an understanding of the roles undertaken by the Clinical Commissioning Group.


Councillor Allen questioned the bad weather crisis and asked whether this was just at Basildon Hospital or nationally.  Mandy Ansell stated that this nationally with most elective surgeries being cancelled. That this had been a very stressful period for the National Health Service.


Councillor Allen stated that Basildon Hospital covered a huge area and had failures in the past been related to too many people attending. Mandy Ansell stated that there were a considerable amount of patient flows out of Southend, Dartford and Queens into Basildon Hospital but the hospital was coping well to meet the needs. That Basildon Hospital relied on agency staff and that staff targets had to be met but was performing well with the current workforce situation. That the 62 day cancer target was slightly below for Thurrock and that the Clinical Commissioning Group had commissioned a deep dive.


The Chair questioned where the new models of care that covered all the hospitals would be situated geographically. Mandy Ansell stated that the model of care would be segmented by service, by age, be measured by an 18 weeks pathway, diagnosis would be sent by GP and decision made on the need for surgery or other intervention.


That one proposal would be to put controlled COLD work in place where they would not be interrupted by emergencies. One area of concern was Cancer that required specialist surgery with the Burns Unit currently at the Mid Essex hospital.  Each hospital would have an accident and emergency at each location.


Councillor Akinbohun questioned whether the public consultation was effective in the decision making. Mandy Ansell stated that it was a statutory obligation to consult with members of the public and patients. By law consultations were undertaken with the Health and Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee, HealthWatch, disability groups and specific care groups to understand what was important about services and what specific needs were required. That a quality assessment was undertaken of every proposal and that the final document was online for Members to view.


The Chair notified Members that the consultation had now closed and notification of the outcomes were being anticipated shortly.


Councillor Allen thanked Mandy Ansell for her knowledgeable report. Councillor Allen questioned whether there were boundaries as to where blue light ambulance decided on where to take patients in regards to where they lived in the borough. Mandy Ansell stated that Thurrock was served by the South England Ambulance Service and would automatically take patients to Basildon Hospital wherever that resident lived.