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Moving to a Schools National Funding Formula


Kay Goodacre, Finance Manager Children and Adults, presented the report that in December 2016 the Department of Education published the Stage 2 Consultation on the introduction a National Funding Formula. The consultation set out how the Department of Education plan to deliver a fair, transparent funding system where the amount of funding children attract for their schools was based on the need and was consistent across the country. This consultation will close on the 22 March 2017.


Kay Goodacre stated there would be a differential impact on individual schools overall and there would be an increase of £1.5 million for Thurrock as a whole. It was noted that the Cabinet Member for Education and Health, Councillor Halden, had convened a summit with Thurrock Head Teachers on 1 February 2017 to consider how the authority could best respond to the consultation.


Rory Patterson stated that he had meet with head teachers from maintained schools today with Councillor Halden and Roger Edwardson to brief them on this very important but complex consultation and encouraged them to respond as this would have a positive impact on the local authority.


The Chair stated that more information was required as the report had not detailed specific data on individual schools. Kay Goodacre explained to the Chair that the link in the report could be accessed to view individual school data collections and allocations.


The Chair stated that it was good that Rory Patterson and the Portfolio Holder had visited schools to offer their support.


Councillor Snell stated his concerns that less money would be given to primary schools at a time when children needed more investment to receive a good foundation and more money for secondary schools although this would not cover the rise in inflation and stated this was a national school deficit formula rather than a funding formula and could not see what gain would be made. Kay Goodacre stated that a cash gain to Thurrock would be received and that local formulas would have been worked out locally and how moneys were distributed but this had now changed to a national basis. That the formula was based on early intervention and that money would be directed to that.


Councillor Redsell asked Officer whether primary and secondary schools that were joined up would be better off. Rory Patterson stated that the funds allocated were across the trust as a whole and that all schools should be encouraged to support.


Councillor Redsell stated her concerns for the schools that had no trusts to join up to.  Rory Patterson stated that schools would be encouraged to group together where possible.


Councillor Snell asked Officer what schools would likely to be penalised the most. Kay Goodacre stated that those larger primary schools in an affluent area that were achieving well at the starting point.


The Chair encouraged all Members to respond to the consultation. Democratic Services would send a copy of Councillor Halden executive brief note and the link to all 49 members.




That the Members of the Children’s Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee note the consultation and impact for Thurrock Schools and Academies.

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