Agenda item

Integrated Medical Centres Update - PowerPoint


Tiffany Hemming provided the Committee with an update on the IMC’s. She confirmed the two updated business cases for Purfleet and Tilbury are still with NHSE. They are still progressing with the development of the Gray’s outline business case. They are also working on returning services that were relocated from Basildon hospital to Orsett hospital during the pandemic.

Tiffany Hemming further updated the Committee that the Corringham IMC has started its Obesity service. A respiratory hub has also been running over the winter period and she commented that both of these services were good news for the local population. The GP Fellowes continues to successfully recruit although it is a very slow process. GP’s continue to show interest in joining and some have now started. Five GP Practices have been successfully bid for by a provider called Spirit Health and they will be taking them over in the coming months with a view to improving the service provided.


Councillor Pothecary expressed disappointment that there is still no feedback on the business cases which have been with NHSE for some time now. She was also disappointed that the GP Fellowes was not moving at the pace she had hoped for. She queried what is being done to ensure interest is actually translating into more GP’s in Thurrock. She also questioned which specific services will be moving from Orsett Hospital back to Basildon.


Tiffany Hemming clarified that a huge amount of work is ongoing regarding the GP Fellowes. Purpose built adverts have been created with individual testimonials from GP’s working in Thurrock. They are speaking with GP’s that are about to finish their training and persuading them to come to Thurrock to work. Some spots that are earmarked are for people who haven’t finished their training yet so they cannot progress yet. They have focused on making the job offer as attractive as possible and Fellowes means they come to learn more in their specialist area as well as being a GP. She reassured the Committee that she is of the view that they will secure the 12 GP Fellowes.

She also confirmed that the two services returning to Basildon Hospital from Orsett Hospital are Clinical Haematology and Rheumatology Infusions.


Councillor Pothecary queried when the 12 GP Fellowes will be in place.


Tiffany Hemming stated that she wouldn’t like to speculate.


The Chair asked how many GP Fellowes are working in the Corringham IMC today.


Tiffany Hemming responded that she was unable to answer this question. She clarified that they work out of Corringham IMC as a base and therefore may provide services at different locations. She stated that she will come back to the Chair with exact numbers.


The Director of Adult Social Care and Community Development confirmed that he thought there was 3 in post but that might not be correct.


Councillor Ralph raised that it has been 9 months since the outline business case was put out for the other IMC’s, he queried if they are looking at a plan B

Tiffany hemming responded that they have started some contingency planning looking at the outcomes they seek to achieve.


The Chair raised the parking situation at Corringham IMC as residents have complained about this.


Tiffany Hemming highlighted that the recommendation to staff is that they park in the two local car parks which are the one behind Morrisons and the one behind the shopping arcade.