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Creating Successful Places Presentation


Owen Reading and Robert Hayward of David Lock Associates gave members a presentation on Creating Successful Places. The presentation can be found on the following link:


(Public Pack)Creating Successful Places Presentation Agenda Supplement for Local Development Plan Task Force, 26/09/2022 19:00 (


Owen Reading explained that they are working on a new Thurrock Design Strategy which will essentially be a guide to set out to developers the expectations as to what designers need to do to get quick planning permission so they can get building. It will help designers, developers and planning officers to understand what will be considered as good design in Thurrock.


Owen talked about the key design principles, creating pride in Thurrock, Healthy places for all, Connected to Opportunity and a Sustainable Future.


Owen explained that the Design Strategy is in its early stages and they are currently engaging with Officers at the Council. This will include consulting with the Planning officers as to what issues are coming up again and again in planning applications.


Councillor Redsell queried how many PPA’s are currently being received.


The Assistant Director of Planning, Transport and Public Protection confirmed that the number of applications has slowed down due to the economy however as the local plan progresses it is envisaged that numbers are likely to increase. The Assistant Director of Planning, Transport and Public Protection highlighted that they want to ensure only the best planning applications make it through.


Owen Reading added that developers that come to the Council with poor designs should have a hard time in the planning process and designs that are good should be sped through the planning process.


Councillor Watson expressed concern about engagement with residents and commented that there are already going to be consultations for the local plan and transport strategy and if there are too many consultations with residents they will get to the point where they don’t care.


The Local Plans Manager responded that the Local Plan does overlap with other areas such as transport and design and they are trying to coordinate with other teams where possible so as not to overwhelm residents with consultations. However, they do have to follow statutory processes and some things must be done separately.


Councillor Watson queried whether current applications with poor design can currently be stopped.

The Local Plans Manager confirmed that there is a National Design Guide which they can apply weight to. The current Thurrock Design strategy is also still relevant but is not progressive enough.


Robert Hayward presented the second half of the presentation regarding the site assessment study. He explained they are assessing sites for their potential for allocation.


Councillor Watson requested a copy of the locations of the sites.


The Local Plans Manager confirmed the PDF copy is very large and so they will be breaking it down into ward maps which will be more manageable to look through.


Councillor Redsell queried how long it will be until they receive details of the specific sites chosen.


The Local Plans Manager confirmed this will be in July 2023.


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