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Council Funded Police Officers


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager presented the report on Council Funded Police Officers. The report provides members with an insight as to the remit of the team, their progress and some of their key successes.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager explained that there are 4 Council funded officers who are a dedicated resource for Tilbury and Purfleet and they are funded until February 2024. Since their inception confidence in local policing has increased by 19%.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager updated the Committee that since writing the report there is an update on Operation Savage and to date 4 arrests have been made and 3 vehicles seized.


The Chair commented that residents want to see the police and not just in the town centres. The Chair stated that on page 21 it says that 717 hours were spent on patrol, she queried the location of the patrols.


Councillor Chukwu left the meeting at 19.56.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed that Inspector Fisher from Essex Police would be able to answer this question better but unfortunately could not attend the meeting. She confirmed in Tilbury it would include Civic Square and Daisy park and in Purfleet it is concentrated on the Garrison Parade, down the London Road to the riverside.


Councillor Arnold queried the meaning of retail crime.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed that would cover shoplifting and anti-social behaviour in some of the shops in Gray’s High Street. The Business Crime Team work with shop staff and provide crime prevention advice and encourage reporting. A lot of work has been done on the Garrison Parade too by this team.


Councillor Arnold queried the average time an officer would spend on patrol.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed she would need to ask the Police to answer that question.


Councillor Muldowney queried if the Police had been funded by the increase in Council tax rises. She commented that it seemed a little unfair that only small areas are getting the benefits of these extra police if all residents were paying towards it.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed that this question would need to be raised with the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner. She added that the town centre team does alleviate pressure from the rest of the Community Policing team.


Councillor Muldowney highlighted that there have been two incidents of arson on play equipment in Chadwell. She stated that the Police have not responded to incidents at the Pyramid centre where a defibrillator was vandalised and people are starting to question what the point is in reporting these incidents if the police do not respond. She added that people are becoming more emboldened in their anti-social behaviour as with the off-road nuisance motorbikes as they do not think there is a deterrent.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed the District Commander is currently reviewing the incidents in relation to arson.


Councillor Muldowney stated that there is damaged equipment still on the Heath and a child has broken his humorous today on the railings.


The Strategic Lead for Clean and Green Services said he will have a team out there tomorrow morning to make it safe.


Councillor Rigby explained that when she speaks to residents they are still concerned about going into Gray’s Town Centre and queried if there was any scope to increase patrols.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed that the Police would need to respond to that question however she can confirm that the town centre team and community policing team are full resourced. She confirmed that interim injunctions have been secured on 8 juveniles and were pending for 9 adults currently to address this.


Councillor Arnold explained that he lives close to one of the maps and he never sees a police officer. He asked if the police officers time is logged and if they are solely designated to a particular area. If people know, it might help allay people’s fears and frustrations that they are not seeing officers.


The Thurrock Community Safety Partnership Manager confirmed that the 4 Council funded Officers are dedicated to Tilbury and Purfleet. The other town centre teams may fluctuate between areas for example, if they are conducting an operation in Grays they may be pulled over to support that operation. Recently, due to the Protestors it has meant they haven’t been in their dedicated areas. It is the same with the community policing teams, they will support officers in other areas with operations. Policing is intelligence led and is based on where reports are made.  The Police are responsive to things as they happen.




That the CGS Overview and Scrutiny Committee: -

1.1          Note the positive approach taken by this team to community engagement.


1.2          Promote the work of Town Centre officers to their residents to improve public confidence in local policing and encourage reporting of concerns.


1.3          Support the decision to carry out a review of the funded Town Centre Police Officers, as is good practise with all council contracts


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