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End of Year (April 2021-March 2022) Corporate Performance Report 2021/22


The Leader explained that this item would be brought forward.

Councillor Hebb introduced the report and stated that it was the end of year report from the 2021/22 municipal year, and felt that it showed the Council had improved following the disruption of the pandemic, as nearly 70% of indicators were better or the same as the 2020/21 year. He explained that in following reports COVID would not be used as an explanation for missed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), unless the country entered another lockdown or further restrictions were implemented. He added that since the pandemic Thurrock had changed and grown, for example the new Thames Freeport and Towns Funds in Tilbury and Grays, and therefore the borough’s vision should be changed and refreshed. He commented that this had been discussed at Corporate Overview and Scrutiny, who had had no objections to refreshing the Council’s vision and would be receiving a more detailed report on this soon. He felt that the Council should also reconsider the current KPIs and review what areas were measured, for example by continuing to measure operational KPIs such as bin collections, but also starting to measure longer-term project milestones and delivery, which were not currently measured using KPIs.

Councillor Spillman highlighted the KPI relating to void re-let turnaround, which had not met target due to the sheltered accommodation team struggling to re-let first floor sheltered accommodation units. He stated that the team were working on this issue to build new units and re-purpose old units, and were discussing how to improve this KPI. Councillor Huelin highlighted the KPI relating to the adult social care team wishing for residents to utilise care provided by an external company rather than the Council, as this would ensure the cost to the resident was the same, but the cost to the Council was lower. She stated that many residents when receiving care, for example after leaving hospital, felt more comfortable with carers they knew, rather than new providers, which meant the KPI struggled to reach target. She added that post-COVID it could be difficult for residents to find carers from an external company, and this was compounded by changes to the NHS discharge policy, but felt it was important that residents were receiving good care. Councillor Huelin added that the Council would be collaboratively working with the NHS to ensure successful discharges into the community, and Thurrock would continue to pursue mindful decision making.

The Leader agreed that the relet turnaround time was a difficult KPI to meet due to sheltered accommodation and the cost of new build accommodation. He highlighted page 558 of the agenda and the qualitative successes of the Council, and thanked officers and Members for their hard work throughout the year on their service areas. He explained that Members and officers would be considering all KPIs in the future to ensure KPIs were within the Council’s remit and were operationally important. He highlighted the missed KPI relating to fixed penalty notices and explained that this could be affected by payment plans or late payment. He added that if residents chose not to pay FPNs, they could be taken to court to recoup costs. Councillor Coxshall also highlighted page 558 and some of the successes of the Council such as new play equipment in Parks, development in Grays beach, and new affordable homes in Tilbury.

RESOLVED: That Cabinet:

1. Noted and commented upon the performance of the key corporate performance indicators in particular those areas which did not reach their target and the impact of COVID-19.

2. Identified any areas which required additional consideration in 2022/23 as part of the refresh of the council's corporate performance framework.

3. Agreed to commencing a refresh of the borough forward vision, and underlying key priorities and key performance indicators, reflecting a modern Thurrock (inclusive of major infrastructure investment through the Towns Funds and Thames Freeport).

Councillor Hebb left the meeting at 7.51pm.

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