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End of Year (April 2021 to March 2022) Corporate Performance Report 2021/22


The Strategy Manager introduced the report and stated that 67.5% of indicators had met target, which was better than 2020/21, but lower overall than the pre-COVID position. She explained that in 2021/22 some service delivery was still impacted by COVID, and this was outlined in the report. She added that it was anticipated that future report would not include a specific section on COVID impacts, but would be referenced in commentary if it continued to affect specific indicators. She added that commentary had been included for each Key Performance Indicator (KPI) which had missed target, and, because this was the end of year report, qualitative highlights had also been included at 3.4.

Councillor Kent highlighted page 79 and the KPI relating to the percentage of refuse bins collected on the correct day. He thanked the environment team for their hard work collecting bins throughout the year, and asked how the KPI data was collected. The Strategy Manager explained that due to the strike action that occurred, the KPI did not include data for April and May 2022, but did include all other months. She added that the data was based on collection information from refuse lorries. Councillor Kent moved onto the KPI regarding payment of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) on page 81 and felt concerned about the lack of payment. He queried how many people chose not to pay the FPN and went to court instead. The Strategy Manager stated that she did not have the specific data so would ask the service leads and report back to the Committee. Councillor Kent queried the number of apprenticeships as outlined on page 84 and asked how many of those apprenticeships were completed. He felt concerned that some people were not completing apprenticeships as they became full-time Council employees, which meant people were not receiving the qualifications and Thurrock Adult Community College did not receive their completion funding. The Strategy Manager stated that she did not have the data but would come back to the Committee. She highlighted that the figure also included substantive members of Thurrock Council staff who were undertaking apprenticeships alongside their roles. Councillor Kent asked if the KPI could include numbers for people starting and finishing apprenticeships; and to recommend to Cabinet that apprentices who start at the Council and become full-time employees are encouraged to complete their apprenticeship qualification.

Councillor Carter thanked officers for the report and felt pleased to see that the majority of KPIs had met target. He highlighted page 79 of the report and stated that some KPIs had exceeded their target by a large amount. The Chair echoed Councillor Carter’s comments. He felt pleased to see that COVID was not expected to affect as many services in future, and requested that any additional information requested be sent to the Committee as soon as possible. Councillor Hebb, Cabinet Member for Transformation and Performance, highlighted recommendation 1.3 to refresh the borough vision following changes in Thurrock such as Thames Freeport, and proposed central government changes to local authorities. He confirmed that this would also include a review of the related corporate performance framework and suggested a review of officer attendance at the Committee to ensure that additional information could be responded to on the night. 

RESOLVED: That the Committee:

1. Noted and commented upon the performance of the key corporate performance indicators, in particular those areas which did not reach their target and the impact of COVID-19.

2. Identified any areas which require additional consideration in 2022/23 as part of the refresh of the council’s corporate performance framework.

3. Noted the commencement of a refresh of the borough forward vision, and underlying key priorities and key performance indicators, reflecting a modern Thurrock (inclusive of major infrastructure investment through the Towns Funds and Thames Freeport).

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