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22/00210/FUL: High Fields, Lower Dunton Road, Bulphan, Upminster, Essex, RM14 3TD


The report was presented by the Principal Planning Officer.


Councillor Polley sought clarity that the footprint of the application being discussed was the existing house and not the swimming pool or other outbuildings. the Principal Planning Officer confirmed that was correct and that the outbuildings were to remain. He advised the detached garage had been added since 1948.


During the debate the Chair stated it was quite a unique location and even though previous developments had been approved in the area, he felt the site in question was quite enclosed.


Councillor Shinnick mentioned she understood the application was going over the height of what was recommended for the green belt; however, she felt the new property would enhance the area.


Councillor Arnold confirmed he too was in complete agreement regarding comments on the Green Belt and further agreed it needed to be protected. He continued by stating he too thought it would enhance the area.


The Chair thanked Members for their comments and sought if anyone wished to recommend the Officers recommendation. No Member recommended the application as per the Officers report, the Chair then sought an alternative recommendation.


The Assistant Director of Planning, Transport and Public Protection advised the Constitution was clear that an alternative recommendation would need to be put forward, which met with council policies. He continued by advising Members the application was considered inappropriate development and was beyond what could be seen as a reasonable enlargement relative to the existing property. It was advised that the proposal conflicts with national and local policies.


The Chair of the Committee stated he felt the Committee had completed due diligence by visiting the site and although big developments had previously been approved for the area, in relation to the property itself, it was a very old, dilapidated property where the current bedroom sizes were not adequate for a present-day use. He continued by highlighting it was the opinion of the committee who had visited the site, that it is not unacceptably impacting on the neighbouring properties, and it would not cause harm to the surrounding area or views. He summarised by saying the design itself was very modern and would be environmentally friendly to which moderate weight could be added.


The Chair proposed a recommendation of provisional approval and was seconded by Councillor Shinnick. 


It was agreed that the matter would be returned to the Committee after Officers had sought legal advice in respect of the proposal and the matters that Councillors deemed to represent very special circumstances.  These included the visual impact being acceptable, other developments within the area, the condition of the building, the well being of occupiers, the environmentally friendly credentials of the proposal and the size of the plot.  Each of these factors were afforded moderate weight.


For: (7) Councillors Tom Kelly (Chair), Georgette Polley (Vice-Chair), Paul Arnold, Terry Piccolo, Sue Shinnick, James Thandi and Lee Watson


Against: (0)


Abstained: (0)



The Committee agreed to suspend standing orders at 8.15pm to allow the agenda to be completed.


The meeting was adjourned at 8.23pm and reconvened at 8.26pm


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