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Items Raised by Thurrock Local Safeguarding Children Partnership: Progress Update on Peer Review and Case Review - Action Plans


The LSCP Business Manager introduced the report.


The Parent Governor representative asked who had been invited to attend the A Safe Place to Play conference in July 2022.


The LSCP Business Manager confirmed that sports organisations in the Borough had been invited such as sports and dance clubs. Professionals such as the Community Safety Partnership, the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) and Essex Police had also been invited to give talks.


Councillor Worrall queried whether incidents of neglect were rising or decreasing and asked what is being done to reduce neglect. Councillor Worrall also asked how the numbers in Thurrock compared to other neighbouring authorities.


The Assistant Director for Children’s Social Care and Early Help confirmed that Child in Need numbers have reduced and in comparison to our statistical neighbours in the region our numbers are comparable and actually slightly below. She confirmed they are doing a lot of work around Early Help and Think Family’s service to make sure they are engaging families much earlier to reduce the incidents of neglect. Child Protection numbers remain fairly steady.


Councillor Worrall referred to the Shae and Ashley Local Health Review and noted that 2 of the 14 actions have been completed and asked when all the actions will be completed by.


The LSCP Business Manager confirmed that they are working through the other actions, there are timescales for when an action should be completed by and this is monitored.


Councillor Panjala asked about the number of cases involving violence and vulnerability in Thurrock and asked what is being done to tackle this including through their work with SET (Southend, Essex and Thurrock).


The LSCP Business Manager confirmed she was unable to confirm the numbers of cases at the meeting today however, through their joint work with SET they do discuss the number of cases and they look at what they can do to tackle these issues collectively as well as locally.


Councillor Panjala raised the issue of whether working with neighbourhood watch could help support to reduce crime.


The LSCP Business Manager confirmed that the Local Safeguarding Children Partnership work closely with the Community Safety Partnership who do a lot of work with the neighbourhood watch service and she would be happy to contact her counterpart in CSP to reach out and do some work with the Neighbourhood watch service too.


The Independent Chairperson & Scrutineer Thurrock LSCP added that in relation to the issue of neglect, early intervention is key to preventing neglect before it gets to the point where a child needs to go on a Child Protection Plan and their partners and health colleagues are also a key part of that. In relation to Child Protection Plan numbers, they are steady and they benchmark in terms of comparison to their statistical neighbours and nationally very well.


Councillor Snell referred to the findings from the National Child Safeguarding Reviews on Star Hobson and Arthur Labinjo-Hughes and asked if we are confident that in Thurrock we are doing what these people were not doing.


The LSCP Business Manager confirmed that the LSCP (Local Safeguarding Children Partnership) have considered the reviews of Star Hobson, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, Child Q in City & Hackney and the Croydon review ‘Ben’ and they have compiled an action plan of the recommendations. Where an agency is responsible for an area they have been asked to evidence what is currently in place and what additionally needs to be done. Once this information has been returned and collated agencies will be tasked with actions on what needs to be put in place, with identified timescales. This is in its early stages as the documentation went out two weeks ago and the agencies have been given a month to respond.


The Assistant Director of Children’s Social Care and Early Help confirmed that they have completed the multi-agency MASH audit and audits with partners from health and education to reassure themselves that decisions being made are timely and that they are considering any safeguarding issues and so far in those audits the outcomes have been good and outstanding. In MASH they have audits fortnightly and a wider audit is completed every other month across the partnership too.


The Corporate Director for Children’s Services added that the work the Assistant Director of Children’s Social Care and Early Help and the LSP have being doing did not happen in those places where the incidents subject to review happened.  She confirmed that they are looking at what’s happening on the ground, that caseloads are right for the workers and that the right agencies are working with them. They are very open to constantly looking at their practice and having other agencies come in and look at what they are doing and how decisions are made.


Councillor Anderson mentioned the external review into Serious Youth Violence and Gang Related Activity and noted the learning and recommendations would be published in June 2022 and queried whether a verbal update could be provided at the meeting tonight.


The LSCP Business Manager confirmed it is not ready yet, it is in the process of being signed off and should be on their website in the next couple of days.

At 19.27 the LSCP Business Manager left the meeting.


RESOLVED: That the Committee:  -

1.       Note the Partnership priorities for 2022-2024, update on the work of the LSCP and the progress made on Action Plans to date.


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