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18/01404/OUT: Thames Enterprise Park, The Manorway, Coryton, Essex


The Chair left the meeting at 6.45pm.


The report was presented by the Major Applications Manager, during which he advised conditions C5 and D16 had been updated.


The Vice-Chair thanked officers for the report, commenting it was clear to see a lot of work had been undertaken on this application given the application reference number.


Members sought if a travel plan had been looked at such as alternative exits from site officers confirmed it had. Councillor Piccolo enquired as to the number of HGV to use the site have looking at the report there was to be an increase of up to 250 HGV using the site.


During discussions Members asked if it was possible for other road links such as whether the A130 could be used other than using the Manorway. It was explained there were no other road links feasible to access the site.  Councillor Piccolo commented he liked the idea of cycle paths, however he had concerns with the increase of HGV movements within the area. Officers commented at present there were no planned works for the junctions leading off of the Manorway. The Major Applications Manager continued by advising cycle routes were to be upgraded to and from the site, however at this time there were no plans to update the local road network other than the works to the key junctions identified (Sorrells roundabout and A13/Manorway roundabout).


The Vice-Chair echoed Members concerns with regards to an increase in traffic on local roads and whether the local road network could cope with this. She continued by querying as to whether the site in addition to cycle paths had the facilities to support electric vehicles such as charging points. Officers confirmed there were to be docking stations for bikes (at the site and Stanford Le Hope railway station) and car parking would include charging points for electric vehicles.


Following the suggestion of river usage as the site was close to the River Thames Officers commented that although the jetty was within the redline boundary of the site, the Major Applications Manager  was unsure as to whether it was able to be used at present, however there is potential to use the jetties in the future and there a specific planning conditions to promote and secure such usage.


Members heard that as part of the Section 106 funding for highway improvements  had been subject to  the Council’s Highways Officers assessment work.. Members further raised concerns, that should the Local Thames Crossing go ahead the local road network would not cope. The Transport Development Manager commented the Local Thames crossing this was not as yet a permitted development and assured Members, Officers were looking at the road network and different options for HGVs within the area and any possible solutions were being scrutinised.


Speaker statements were heard from:


  • Statement of Objection: Francis Tyrrell, London Gateway
  • Statement of Support: Rupert Wood, Thames Enterprise Park, Applicant


During the debate Councillor Watson thanked officers for their report and continued by stating if it was possible to find another exit from the site other than the Manorway that would be welcomed given the HGV concern and mitigation for residents.


Councillor Arnold welcome the report stating it would provide a boost for the borough, he continued by mentioning his only concern was the impact to the local area when HGVs entering and leaving the site


Councillor Piccolo enquired as to whether there were cameras on the site to monitor the HGV movements. He commented on the potential of using the River Thames which would assist in limiting the HGV movements.


Councillor Shinnick stated she felt the application was a great opportunity for the Borough and once the Section 106 funding was resolved it was pleasing to see jobs created for local people.


The Vice-Chair proposed the officer’s recommendation A and was seconded by Councillor Watson


For: (5) Georgette Polley (Vice-Chair), Paul Arnold, Sue Shinnick, James Thandi and Lee Watson

Against: (1)  Terry Piccolo


Abstained: (0)


The Vice-Chair proposed the officer’s recommendation B and was seconded by Councillor Watson


For: (5) Georgette Polley (Vice-Chair), Paul Arnold, Sue Shinnick, James Thandi and Lee Watson


Against: (1)  Terry Piccolo


Abstained: (0)


The Committee adjourned at 7.51pm and reconvened at 7.56pm (The Chair of the Committee returned to the meeting during this time)


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