Agenda item

To elect and install the Mayor for the municipal year 2022/23


Nominations were invited for the election of Mayor for the Municipal Year 2022/23.


It was proposed by Councillor Gledhill, and seconded by Councillor J Kent, that Councillor Halden be elected Mayor of the Borough and Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2022/23.


It was declared that Councillor Halden had been duly elected as Mayor of the Borough and Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2022/23.


Councillor Halden signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


The new elected Mayor made a speech by thanking Councillor Shinnick for her efforts and services over the past year. Councillor Halden stated he had a profound belief in openness of democracy in Thurrock and with a belief in Thurrock’s potential he proposed that the theme for his mayoralty would be for the borough to be open for centuries more. With ambition, Councillor Halden believed that Thurrock would rival London’s square mile very shortly. Councillor Halden intends to roll out the red carpet for the borough and to launch a mayoral role of honour where there are communities, charities, industries, businesses, individuals and partners who are undertaking remarkable work and to honour those groups.


Councillor Halden’s mayoral charities would be the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Basildon University Hospital and have a main focus on Refugee Children, Families and those that support them.


Councillor Halden appointed Reverend Canon Darren Barlow as his Mayoral Chaplain.


Councillor Halden stated he was ready to get to work and promised to give every hour and all his energy to this role.


The Leader made thanks to Councillor Shinnick for her services during her year as Mayor and although a difficult year she had coped and had kept the dignity of council throughout this time. The Leader agreed that Councillor Halden would bring a different aspect and flare to this mayoral role in making Thurrock a better borough and looked forward to being part of that. 


Councillor J Kent welcomed the newly elected, re-elected and returning members this evening and stated that those who stood for their local council did so as they wanted to make a difference to their local community and wished them all well in their term of office. Councillor J Kent thanked Councillor Shinnick for her year of service and agreed the year should have been different as Councillor Shinnick had only chaired one meeting in the council chamber. Councillor J Kent stated Councillor Shinnick had no mayor’s parlour this year and thanked her for inviting members to join her in the new mayor’s parlour this evening and thanked Councillor Shinnick for the successful civic dinner. Throughout her year as Mayor, Councillor Shinnick had faced challenges with dignity and with a sense of humour, had been a fair and good-humoured chair and a great advocate for Thurrock and outside of Thurrock a great ambassador for Thurrock. Councillor J Kent congratulated Councillor Halden on his election for the year ahead and recognised he will be fair and partial at meetings which would be vital in the democratic process in Thurrock.


Councillor Byrne echoed the kind words delivered this evening and thanked Councillor Halden for his continued support, it had been a pleasure working with him on the Homesteads and congratulated him on his new role as Mayor.


Councillor Coxshall stated how proud he was of Councillor Halden in what he had achieved over the last 15 years when he had first started his political career.


Councillor Hebb stated Councillor Halden was one of most caring persons he knew, and the choice of charities had displayed this. Councillor Halden was a good friend and wished him good luck for his mayoralty. Councillor Hebb thanked Councillor Shinnick for her year as mayor and wished her well in her next chapter.


Councillor Abbas thanked Councillor Shinnick for all the services she delivered as Mayor and wished Councillor Halden well in his role.


Councillor Redsell thanked Councillor Shinnick and also wished Councillor Halden the very best in his role as Mayor.




That Councillor Halden be duly elected as Mayor of the Borough and Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2022/23.