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Thurrock Councils response to Prevent Duty 2015


Michelle Cunningham introduced the report that allowed Elected Members the opportunity to scrutinise the implementation of the Prevent Duty by Thurrock Council and to ensure that all elements of the Council worked together to ensure that the Council was fulfilling its duties in regards to Prevent, in line with the Councils responsibilities under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015.


Councillor Redsell thanked Michelle Cunningham for the report and stated that safeguarding measures should be put in place to protect members who may be working on their own in offices. Councillor Redsell asked whether personal alarms previously provided to Members were still available.


Councillor Liddiard thanked Michelle Cunningham for a good and very comprehensive report and stated the more you read on this subject it provided ideas on how best to talk to residents in the community and that other organisations in your ward were sharing the same information.

Councillor Pothecary questioned the role of hate crime in relation to Prevent as the strategy had not mentioned this but obviously was a big problem nationally with anti-Nazi kind of terrorism and extremism and questioned whether links had been made with people convicted of hate crimes. Michelle Cunningham stated a report on Hate Crime would be presented to the Hidden and Extreme Harms Prevention Committee on the 17 February and direct democracy would forward a copy of that report to members for information.


Members questioned what Prevent training was available to which members were directed to the e-learning prevent session, details of this would be sent to members. Online learning is available at:


A further specific session on Prevent could be provided to members if required. Further guidance for members and communities can be found from the following link: ACT Early | Prevent radicalisation


Councillor Snell thanked Michelle Cunningham for the report and referred to the Home Office Prevent Handbook. He asked for some clarification on where it stated that 'almost' (so less than 50%) half of referrals were right wing but that figure was higher than for Islamist extremism, the report had suggested that there was a gap in the figures (right wing extremism cases would need to be in excess of 50% for the figures to add up). Michelle Cunningham stated this was a Home Office report but would seek some clarification and confirm back to Councillor Snell.


Councillor Redsell thanked Michelle Cunningham again for the very informative report and encouraged members to undertake the training sessions.


Councillor Liddiard questioned whether any literature could be distributed to members and it was agreed that the “Lets Talk About It” handbooks would be tabled at February Council meeting. 




1.    That Members of the Committee scrutinise and assure themselves of the response to the self-assessment audit completed using the Local Government Association Toolkit and provided for scrutiny at Appendix 2.

2.    That Members of the Committee scrutinise and assure themselves of the response to the Channel Panel self-assessment completed in April 2021 and provided for scrutiny at Appendix 3.

3.    That Members are assured that the action plan in place through the Community Safety Partnership responds to the risks outlined in the Counter Terrorism Local Profile and that these are routinely reviewed and are in line with increased National risk.


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