Agenda item

Housing Development Programme Update


The report was presented by Keith Andrews.


Referring to the Richmond Road site, the Chair stated that departments in the Council needed to work together. She said that residents still had not been informed of the works to be done on the site. She commented that the site also needed to ensure that there was adequate parking.


Referring to the sites in Blackshots and Teviot Avenue, Councillor Pearce sought clarification on what major works were planned for these sites. In response to Teviot Avenue, Keith Andrews said that balconies would be upgraded and restructures to the ground. There would be further engagements with residents.


In regards to Aveley Hall, Councillor Redsell asked whether there were other facilities for residents to use. Referring to Blackshots flats, she stated that she was not pleased to hear that the service planned to extend the lifespan of the flats as it was not fit for purpose. She pointed out that the resident consultation had showed that residents were in favour of demolishing the flats. She also mentioned that affordability in Thurrock needed to be addressed. Keith Andrews replied that he would speak with colleagues to identify what other facilities similar to Aveley Hall was available for residents to use.  In regards to Blackshots, he said that the service was assessing the potential for redevelopment and that there was a process to consider. Ewelina Sorbjan added that the Housing Strategy would cover the issue of affordability which should be ready by the early summer.


The Chair mentioned that the figures for affordable housing needed to be consistent as she had seen reports that stated 70% and 80%. She pointed out that social affordable homes were needed. Keith Andrews explained that there was difference in the Council’s planning policies and the eligibility for funding which was 80%. If it was a non-council development, then the charge would be up to 80%. The Chair said that she would discuss this further during the Housing Revenue Account - Rent Setting and Budgets 2022-23 report.


Referring to the graph in 2.4, the Chair noted the 337 figure in 2022/23 and asked if this figure indicated that there would be ‘spades in the ground’. She sought an update on the White Acre site and whether the Prince of Wales pub site would remain as it was now. She also asked when a new site list would be ready and whether all of the properties in Calcutta Road had been allocated yet.  Keith Andrews answered that works were expected to start from the financial year of April 2022. He said that the White Acre site was now led by the Adult Social Care department and confirmed that the Prince of Wales pub site would remain as it was. The service was working on identifying potential new sites for housing development as a number of garage sites had been identified. Ewelina Sorbjan said that there were still some properties in Calcutta Road that had not been allocated yet. These were more sensitive as the properties were located on the upper floor and residents were concerned over the use of lifts.




Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee were asked to note the updates on sites being considered for housing development.


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