Agenda item

Development Consent Order (DCO) Submission: Verbal Update


The Senior Consultant introduced the report and stated that NH were planning to submit their DCO next year, but still had to go out to consultation first. He stated that the reason for consultation was due to approximately 50% of the Tilbury Fields area being released to the new Thames Freeport. He stated that NH were planning for the consultation to begin in February, but the team were doubtful the consultation could start before Spring 2022, as NH also needed to consult on changes to the A13 junction and needed to provide comments on the 3-4,000 responses to the previous consultation, including significant key stakeholder comments. The Interim Assistant Director Regeneration and Place Delivery replied that NH were under pressure from the Department for Transport to submit their DCO and so the consultation would probably be streamlined. He stated that NH were currently in the middle of lots of major work, including the configuration of the Orsett Cock junction, so he could not see how the consultation would be ready by February. He added that Thurrock were still also waiting on air quality, health and noise impact data, so he felt that DCO would not be submitted until the Summer or Autumn of 2022. He stated that this also depended on the government’s carbon emissions approach and decarbonisation strategy, and how this could impact upon the scheme.

The Chair asked if Thurrock Council would have a chance to influence the consultation before it went live. The Senior Consultant answered that NH had always asked Thurrock Council for their thoughts on the LTC consultation approach before it went live in previous years, and hoped that they would continue to do so before this upcoming consultation. He stated that the Task Force had previously also made comments regarding consultations, so hopefully NH now knew what would be expected of them, for example in-person consultation events needed to be held in Corringham/Stanford-le-Hope.

The Resident Representative asked if there was any update on the East facing access on the A13 at Lakeside, or the bridge over the Tilbury loop line in East Tilbury. The Interim Assistant Director Regeneration and Place Delivery replied that NH were currently determining how to best deliver the East facing slips using the best approach. He added that Thurrock Council were also consulting with NH on the potential provision of a permanent bridge over the Tilbury loop, but there was still some way to go on this issue and any NH contributions that would be made. He stated once NH had clarified its offer any decision would then need to be taken through the appropriate democratic processes and Heads of Terms would need to be agreed. Councillor Muldowney queried how much the current delays were costing NH, and if there was an approximate figure. The Senior Consultant replied that many people were employed by NH on the LTC scheme, so the current delay of one year may be costing several million. Councillor Muldowney questioned the effect on the LTC of funding being pushed into RIS3 rather than RIS2. The Interim Assistant Director Regeneration and Place Delivery replied that it was likely the budget for RIS2 had not all been spent, so some of this money would be rolled over into RIS3. He stated that this would not likely affect the LTC scheme as it was more likely to reflect accounting practices.