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Health and Wellbeing Strategy Refresh


The report was presented by Jo Broadbent.


Referring to physical activity, Councillor Redsell said that Friends of Blackshots had been trying to acquire equipment for the area but had been turned down several times. She said funding had been granted for another organisation instead. Jo Broadbent answered that facilities should address all ages but was not clear on the grants process. However, there was some funds in Active Thurrock which could be incorporated into the wider plan.


Councillor Fletcher said that facilities such as Grangewaters were under threat and that the service needed to look at what was already operating in Thurrock to make use of these. Councillor Redsell commented that houses could be built around the peripheral of Grangewaters to develop the area.


Referring to page 37 on the life expectancy gap, the Chair commented that this had not changed. Referring to the Local Plan and anti-social behaviour, she commented that the borough was safe ten years ago but people no longer felt safe. She pointed out that more serious crimes were happening and this needed to be recognised as Thurrock was not ‘levelling the field’ as the report highlighted. She said areas such as Tilbury needed to be addressed for these issues. Jo Broadbent said that the latest life expectancy gap had reduced to 9 years lower for men and 6 years lower for women. There was a difference in affluent and less affluent areas which had reduced a lot. This was in part due to improvements in healthy lifestyles over time however Covid-19 would likely to have had a negative impact on life expectancy. Referring to the risk and fear of crime, she referred to the annual public health report 2019 on youth crime and said that the Violence and Vulnerability Board was managing these issues and working with young people to try to prevent those at risk. There were mechanisms in place but it could be some years before an impact could be seen.


Councillor Redsell commented that the service needed to engage with parents first in their preventative measures in youth crime. Carol Purser pointed out that there was no longer a PCSO in Tilbury to support the area which was why crimes were occurring regularly. Councillor Fletcher mentioned that the police in Ockendon were always changing officers and there was no community relationship there. The Chair stated that more police presence was needed throughout Thurrock.




The Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee was invited to comment on the project scope outlined in the attached slide set (Appendix A) and the arrangements for completing the strategy refresh:


·         The overarching Vision for the refresh should be “Levelling the

·         Playing Field”, with each chapter identifying ambitious actions required to do that.

·         The actions to Level the Playing Field will be arranged around 6 key influences on health and wellbeing, including wider determinants of health, around which the strategy will be structured:

1.    Quality Care Centred Around the Person

2.    Staying Healthier for Longer

3.    Building Strong & Cohesive Communities

4.    Opportunity for All

5.    Housing & the Environment

6.    Community Safety

·         Review and sign-off of the draft strategy document will be at the

·         HWB Board meeting in March 2022, and thereafter by Full Council.

·         Operational oversight of the refresh process will be via: HWB

·         Strategy / TICP Strategy Group, AD Oversight Group, and HWBS

·         Engagement Group.

·         The Strategy will be launched in July 2022.


Supporting documents: