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20/01761/FUL - Windy Ridge, 251 Branksome Avenue, Stanford Le Hope, Essex, SS17 8DF


The report was presented by the Senior Planning Officer.


Councillor Byrne enquired as to how many dwellings were required for Section 106 money to be required. The Senior Planning Officer explained Section 106 funding was generally captured for a minimum of 10 dwellings, however this site was proposing 9 dwellings. Councillor Byrne followed up his query by stating residents of the Homesteads felt they were protected from infilling on sites and sought clarification from officers as to whether this was the case. The Senior Planning Officer explained there were some areas within the Homesteads which were protected from development however this site was not one of them and therefore planning permission had been identified as acceptable development.


Councillor Fletcher raised concerns at to policy CSTP23 and whether this would be unsustainable at appeal. The Senior Planning Officer responded explaining when the application was presented at the January 2020 meeting it was refused planning permission relating to the issue of character, most of which was in relation to the existing bungalow outside mainly because the bungalow was single storey and this was adjacent to a two storey property. She further commented that the applicant had taken on officers and committee Member comments and therefore the application in front of Members was for approval. 


Members enquired as to whether there would be an impact of traffic in the area due to the new housing. The Senior Planning Officer explained on the site there was resident parking spaces as well as visitor parking. She continued by stating Highway Officers had been consulted and they had no objections to the application commenting the application was in line with the draft parking standard. Councillor Little continued by seeking as to the effects of the increased traffic in the surrounding areas. Councillor Byrne stated there were 4000 car movements a day along Branksome Road including vehicles speeding. The Chief Highways Engineer commented that the current speed data and volume data on Branksome Avenue of two-way traffic flow was nearer to 4000 movements a day, and the peak hour flows were around 200-300 movements in the morning peak times.


Speaker Statements were heard from:

·         James Halden, Ward Councillor – in objection.

·         Mr Jolins, Resident – in objection

·         Michael OConnell, Applicant– in support.


During the debate Councillor Byrne stated that nine dwellings being developed on the site was just under the recommended amount before an applicant would have to pay the funds toward the Council and would produce daily issues for the residents living on the site as it was for current residents who lived in new infilled sites for services such as bins collections. In addition the area was already trying to cope with up to 4000 car movements a day.


Councillor Fletcher stated he felt the application was over development within the area with the quantity of homes been too many, he also felt it was changing the character of the area which they were seeking permission to develop.


The Chair commented by reminding Members if they were mindful to refuse the application then they would need clear and concise material considerations. He continued to state that if the application was refused and put in front of an appeal inspector he was pretty certain that the appeal could be approved.


Councillor Piccolo remarked that section 106 funding could be captured in the case of 10 dwellings, however this development was under this and although he didn’t like in filling of areas, he felt on occasion his could support this application.


(Councillor Halden did not participate in this application due to his declaration of interest.)


The Chair proposed officers recommendations to approve planning permission and was seconded by the Vice-Chair.


FOR: (5) Councillors Tom Kelly (Chair), Steve Liddiard (Vice-Chair), Terry Piccolo, Georgette Polley and Lee Watson


AGAINST:  (3) Councillors Gary Byrne, Mike Fletcher and Sue Little.





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