Agenda item

To elect and install the Mayor for the municipal year 2021/22


Before the election of the new Mayor commenced, Councillor Piccolo said a few words to welcome back those re-elected members, congratulated those new elected members and welcomed them to the Council. Councillor Piccolo made particular thanks to Member Services for their help and support and thanked the chauffeurs who had ensured he had arrived on time to his engagements. He also thanked those Members who had been in the chamber over the last two years for making his role as chair relatively easy.


Councillor Piccolo stated the last 15 months had been difficult for everyone due to the pandemic and with the imposed lockdown and hoped the new Mayor would be able to resume the full list of engagements and enjoy the role as much as he had.


Councillor Piccolo stated it had been disappointing not to have been able to hold fundraising events for this chosen charity GiFT and not be able to hold a civic dinner which would have been the biggest fundraiser event of his mayoral year. That donations of £4000 had been made to Thurrock based charities and groups who had continued to do a sterling job during the pandemic.


Finally Councillor Piccolo made thanks to his wife for her continued support who had become a real asset and had thoroughly enjoyed her role.


Nominations were invited for the election of Mayor for the Municipal Year 2021/22.


It was proposed by Councillor J Kent, and seconded by Councillor Gledhill, that Councillor Shinnick be elected Mayor of the Borough and Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2021/22.


It was declared that Councillor Shinnick had been duly elected as Mayor of the Borough and Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2021/22.


Councillor Shinnick signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.


The new elected Mayor made a short speech by thanking Members for putting their trust in her to be Thurrock’s Mayor for the next year and made thanks to the past Mayor Councillor Piccolo and his consort for all the work they had undertaken over the last two years. That the past two years had been tough for all and for Members to recognise the suffering of many families who had lost family and friends to the virus. The Mayor made thanks to the NHS and all key workers who had undertaken an incredible service in the most difficult of circumstances and would be making them the focus of her mayoral year. Finally she stated that being elected as Mayor of Thurrock had been a huge honour and was very proud and humbled that Members had put their trust in her and would do her best to be an outstanding Mayor for Thurrock and would ask for help, support and co-operation from all Members regardless of where they sat in the chamber.


The Leader made thanks to Councillor Piccolo for the work undertaken as Mayor in such a difficult year and that he should be proud of the role he had undertook. The Leader welcomed the new Mayor and looked forward to working and supporting her in her new role.


Councillor J Kent warmly congratulated Councillor Shinnick and wished her every success and took the opportunity to thank Councillor Piccolo for his two years’ service and how he had shown fortitude when adapting to different circumstances. That it had been a disappointment no civic dinner nor any ceremonial event could take place this evening and hoped in the near future a proper event could be held to thank Councillor Piccolo for his contribution and proposed that Councillor Shinnick’s civic dinner could be a joint event to include Councillor Piccolo.


Councillor Byrne echoed the comments made and wished both Councillor Shinnick and Councillor Piccolo good luck.


Councillor Massey also echoed the comments made and agreed an event to recognise the work undertaken by Councillor Piccolo in the time he was Mayor should be undertaken.


Councillor Coxshall congratulated Councillor Shinnick on her new appointment as Mayor and regardless of politics he was proud and honoured to have Councillor Shinnick be appointed as Mayor.




That Councillor Shinnick be duly elected as Mayor of the Borough and Chair of the Council for the Municipal Year 2021/22.