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Sheltered Housing Decommissioning - Alexandra Road/Dunlop Road


Councillor Johnson introduced the report and stated that it presented a clear, forward approach. He highlighted that in March 2019 the communal entryways had been examined and the team had found that 40 properties in Alexandra Court did not meet current standards, and this had hampered remedial works due to take place. He stated that three options had been presented in the 2019 report, and had concluded that even with renovation works, some flats would still not have suitable access, and the need to move residents would still occur. He stated that the report had been to Housing Overview and Scrutiny who had been reassured that services would not be withdrawn until all residents had left the premises. Councillor Johnson stated that all residents would be part of the Local Lettings Plan, and would receive priority for the Beaconsfield Place development, which was only 400m away from their current properties. He stated that if residents did not wish to move to Beaconsfield Place then they would receive the highest priority on the Council’s waiting list. He added that each resident would also receive a dedicated officer who would support them through all aspects of the moving process. He stated that the team had undertaken detailed consultation with the residents and Ward Councillors, and feedback had been included within the report. Councillor Johnson summarised and stated that once all the flats had been voided, the site would be considered for temporary accommodation or for redevelopment through the housing delivery approach.

Councillor Mayes stated that as local Ward Councillor for the area, he was pleased to see the report brought before Cabinet, and had provided his feedback on the report. He stated that he had visited the site and accessibility for residents had not been great, but highlighted that all residents he had spoken to were happy to move to the new development.

Councillor Hebb highlighted point 4.2 of the report and felt that it would be good if the site was considered for temporary accommodation, as Thurrock lacked this facility. He stated that the consultation appeared to be very detailed, and 36 out of 40 residents had been contacted in some way, even during the pandemic. He also felt it was good to see 71% of residents wished to move to the new development, and hoped all residents would feel supported during this transition.

The Leader summarised and thanked the housing team and Councillor Johnson for the report. He felt that Alexandra Court was an old building, and although it had been ahead of its time when built, it was now out-dated. He stated that the new development would include indoor communal spaces, outdoor gardens, and new innovations such as a mobility scooter storage area, which would benefit the residents. 

RESOLVED: That Cabinet:

1. Approved the proposal to decommission the Sheltered Housing properties at Alexandra Road and Dunlop Road in Tilbury.

2. Noted and commented on the proposal to implement a local lettings plan for the new housing development for older people at Calcutta Road, which gives priority to tenants affects by the above proposed decommissioning.

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