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Housing Social Value Framework


Presented by Susan Cardozo, the report set out the principles applied when procuring works or services for Housing.


The questions and comments provided by Lynn Mansfield were read out by Democratic Services:


  • Page 57 - were the apprentices from Thurrock? Were they brought in from other areas outside of Thurrock?
  • The training given on procurement and tender was excellent as Lynn Mansfield had attended this herself.
  • Regarding Wates, could the Tenants Excellence Panel be provided with a report that detailed the works and programmes run by Wates and other providers? It was ideal for the Residents Association to know of these works and programmes so they are up to date on what took place within their community as they were not informed of these.


Susan Cardozo said that the apprentices were from Thurrock and that this was a requirement. Regarding Wates, the Tenants Excellence Panel could invite Wates or any other provider to give a report to the panel.


Councillor Redsell commented that it was good to see a number of apprenticeships working in Thurrock. She went on to say that more detail was needed as to where the sites mentioned in the report were within the Borough.


The Chair felt that a lot of good work was put into social value but was often unnoticed. She questioned whether social value could be added up financially. Susan Cardozo explained that there was no specific method to measure social value and contractors used different models to measure. Some of these included adding the costs of the money spent, costs of the hours put in and the costs of the equipment used. She went on to say that the service was feeding into the Corporate Social Value Framework with the Corporate Team to ensure a consistent method of measuring social value. Councillor Redsell commented that feedback could be sought from other wards on the social value work that was being undertaken and these could be heard from community groups.


The Chair questioned whether more apprenticeships could be acquired through procurement contracts. Susan Cardozo explained that some contracts were not long enough for an apprenticeship but would be requesting for more apprenticeships in contract requirements. The service was also looking into work experience in contracts and said that some apprenticeships came from trade schools. The Chair encouraged the service to find ways to incorporate conditions of social values whether it was through projects with other partners or with colleges to ensure positive outcomes. She praised the service for the good work of social value. Councillor Redsell suggested that the service look into small businesses to secure apprenticeships.


Regarding the Transforming Homes Programme, the Chair suggested that more Thurrock suppliers could be acquired here and to encourage local spending.




Housing Overview and Scrutiny members:


1.1      Noted the approach taken to commissioning the Housing investment contracts to secure social value outcomes.


1.2      Noted the recent performance and community benefit projects achieved.


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