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Purfleet Centre Regeneration (Decision: 110525)


The Leader stated that due to attendance of members of the public, this item would be moved forward on the agenda. Councillor Coxshall introduced the report and stated that it gave agreement for the first stage of development, which was 61 new houses, as part of the 2000 new houses agreed for Purfleet Centre Regeneration. He added that the rest of the houses and infrastructure would be brought forward for Cabinet approval at a later date.
Councillor Maney felt that this report was focussed and started a conversation with the community in Purfleet, and local businesses. He stated that he had received some concerns from local businesses in Botany Way, and sought reassurance that the Portfolio Holder would be mindful of local businesses, and let them know when the next stage of development would start. Councillor Coxshall replied that he was aware of business concerns, but clarified that this report was only for the development of 61 houses, and no concrete plans had been brought forward for further development by Purfleet Regeneration at this stage. He stated that there were currently no plans for Compulsory Purchase Orders near the Botany Way area, and this report was simply asking for agreement to change the land usage, as agreed by the Planning Committee and the last Labour administration.

RESOLVED: That Cabinet:

1. Approved the appropriation of the areas of land referred to in this report, and shown edged in read and on the plan at Appendix 1A to this report, for planning purposes in order to facilitate the development of ‘Phase 1A’ of the Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited masterplan.

2. In respect to the areas of land shown edged in red on the plans at Appendix 1A of the report:

(i) Noted that the consequence of taking the decision in (a) above is to enable easements and other rights to be overridden in accordance with the provisions of section 203 of the Housing and Planning Act 2016; and

(ii) Authorised officers to take such necessary administrative and accounting steps to give effect to the appropriation.

Reason for decision: as outlined in the report
This decision is subject to call-in

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