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Thurrock Active Place Strategy


The Chair agreed to change the order of the agenda so that Item 6 could be heard first.


Clare Macleod, Knight Kavanagh and Page Representative, gave a detailed presentation to accompany the report provided within the agenda. The presentation can be found from the following link:


Members thanked Clare Macleod for the presentation and made the following comments:


Councillor Rice asked for reassurance that open spaces such as Blackshots and Orsett Health playing fields would not be built on. Leigh Nicholson stated playing fields on green belt had protection with Fields in Trust protecting parks and green spaces such as sport pitches.


Councillor Rice questioned whether East Thurrock United would be relocating to another site. Leigh Nicolson stated there were no proposals for this football club to be relocated.


Councillor Kerin questioned how accessible the amenity green spaces were to residents. Claire Macleod stated that a strategic look would be undertaken on how to invest, to look at those less accessible spaces and those green spaces used dually or multi used and confirmed this information would be covered in the full report.


Councillor Redsell questioned how many sites had been visited. Claire Macleod stated the number of site visits had been agreed with Officers before the work commenced and those open spaces such as football and hockey pitches and indoor amenities had been visited.


Councillor Rice questioned how funding could be obtained for a private individual to erect an outdoor gym on Orsett Heath. Grant Greatrex suggested that the individual contacted the Parks Engagement Team.


Councillor Rice questioned why no golf clubs had been included in the consultation. Claire Macleod stated that the scope of the consultation had been agreed with Officers.


Members discussed the findings from the Playing Pitch Strategy:


           Councillor Kerin questioned whether the significant shortfalls would be fed into the Local Plan to identify land for this purpose.

           Councillor Redsell stated the shortfalls of youth 11v11 had been the impact of Blackshots playing fields closing.

           Councillor Rice stated that the facilities at Palmers College need to be updating.

           Councillor Redsell stated the Tennis Club no longer used the tennis courts at St Clere’s School as the charges were too high.

           Councillor Rice stated Chadwell had lost their cricket ground facility following the pavilion fire and needed to be addressed.

           That Section 106 monies should be used as a priority and strategically back into the Local Plan to address such findings.


Members discussed the findings from the Indoor Facilities:


           Councillor Rice reminded members that the Civic Hall and Blackshots were built in the 1960s and had concerns on the age of the buildings.

           Councillor Redsell stated that as a ward member she was beginning to get a lot of complaints about Blackshots swimming pool.

           Councillor Kerin questioned the reliance of indoor and outdoor facilities in schools and was informed these would be itemised in the full report.

           Councillor Rice stated that larger industries in the borough should be assisting with funding.

           Councillor Redsell stated that this was an opportunity going forward to get this right.

           Claire Macleod stated further findings would be reported back to members as lot of changes would be needed.


Councillor Redsell thanked Claire Macleod for the very enlightening presentation.


At 8.04pm, Claire Macleod and Grant Greatrex left the committee room.


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