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Mid-Year Corporate Performance Report 2019/20


Councillor Huelin introduced the report and stated that 74% of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were now on target, compared to less than 50% under the last administration. She highlighted that 50% of KPIs had also improved since last year, such as the number of apprentices, number of potholes filled in on time, and percentage of bins collected on time. She stated that the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee were particularly happy with the success of the KPI relating to the percentage of tenant satisfaction, and the introduction of the ‘route to green’, which focussed on improvements that needed to be made. Councillor Huelin drew Cabinet’s attention to page 145 of the agenda and felt that there had been a good direction of travel for the majority of KPIs, and felt pleased to see the spreadsheet was mostly green.

Councillor Watkins felt this was a good report, and elaborated on the environment directorates KPIs. He described the KPI relating to bins collected on the correct day as he felt pleased that this target had been met every month, barring February 2019 when the target had been missed by a marginal percentage. He stated that this service had been improved by the introduction of Bartec, which reported bins missed to the contact centre and the relevant collection trucks, so bins could be picked up. He added that the KBT scores had improved and thanked the department for their work on the ‘Think 4 5’ Strategy which set the standard for cleanliness across the borough. Councillor Watkins then moved onto discussing the environment directorates missed KPIs, such as the percentage of waste recycled. He commented that this was a challenging KPI, but lots of work had been done on its improvement, such as the introduction of the Waste Management Working Group who were currently undertaking resident consultation. He stated that a pilot scheme had also recently been completed to improve recycling in flats, which the estates management team had found successful, and had rolled out across their sites earlier than anticipated. He also highlighted a schools outreach programme that was currently underway to teach children about recycling, as well as highlighting changes to the Household Waste and Recycling Centres, which would be introduced in March.

Councillor Little elaborated on social care’s two missed targets, but stated these were out of her control, as they were due to the death of residents. She stated that this report held the council to account and felt that improvements had been made across the directorates. She also felt pleased to see that all children’s social care KPIs had met their target. The Leader outlined which KPIs his directorate had missed, including the non-payment of Fixed Penalty Notices for littering, although he stated that these had started to increase. He mentioned that the new CCTV Identification Policy would help enforcement officers tackle the problem of criminals providing false names and addresses, which would increase the number of Fixed Penalty Notices and prosecutions.

RESOLVED: That Cabinet:

1. Noted and commented upon the performance of the key corporate performance indicators in particular those areas which are off target.

2. Identified any areas which require additional consideration.

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