Agenda item

Task Force Priorities List


The Chair questioned the Task Force whether there were any questions on the Task Force Priorities List.


Councillor Muldowney asked whether any data had been received from the transport modelling work. The Assistant Director LTC stated there was still a commitment to undertake the modelling workshop where discussions would take place on the Councils and Highways England interpretations of the transport modelling.  A meeting between officers and Highways England was taking place in the next couple of weeks and a transport modelling workshop would be scheduled as soon as possible.


The Resident Representative, questioned when had the last weekly technical meeting taken place and would these weekly meetings continue. The Assistant Director LTC stated this had taken place in March 2019 and with no agreement made in the programme of engagement for September had anticipated that these would start again in October 2019.


The Resident Representative, questioned whether any alternatives to the proposal had been considered. The Assistant Director LTC stated that the preliminary environmental information report which was published at consultation, set out the options considered and discounted previously.


The Thames Crossing Action Group Representative questioned at what stage a comparison would be undertaken on the best route. The Assistant Director LTC stated that Highways England consider the best option had been evidenced.  For that to change there would need to be a substantial and fundamental change in circumstances for the promotor to go back and start again to look at preferred routes.


Councillor Mayes questioned the Tilbury Link. The Assistant Director of LTC stated that discussions had taken place and Highways England had confirmed that the Tilbury Link would not be funded as part of the scheme.


The Thurrock Business Board Representation asked whether there was any information on the Design School Scheme that Highways England had announced last week. The Assistant Director LTC stated this was a successful programme run by Highways England on the A14 in Cambridgeshire and it is proposed will run for LTC and would circulate further information out.


Councillor Rice asked whether there was an update in relation to the progression of  the Local Plan. The Assistant Director LTC stated that officers had met with  a Local Plan Inspector last week in an advisory role to discuss the challenge in bringing forward the Local Plan when there was still uncertainty about the LTC.  Officers were looking at possible solutions but it was not an easy problem to solve.


Councillor Rice asked whether the motorway rest and service area was still proposed for the East Tilbury area. The Assistant Director LTC stated that no information was available in the public domain that could be shared at this time. The Resident Representative questioned when this information would be available to the public. The Assistant Director LTC stated that no date had yet been indicated.


The Chair questioned why Highways England has been seen on the Orsett Health Playing Field which was Council land. The Assistant Director LTC stated that Highways England had no access to that land as no licences had been provided.


The Thames Crossing Action Group Representative stated they had actually been Council workers marking out the football pitches who happened to have the same colour hi-viz as Highways England. Highways England had agreed to send photos of their hi-viz which would identify their logo so that residents could identify them.

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