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HOSC Working Group - Whole System Obesity

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Information about HOSC Working Group - Whole System Obesity

The scope of the working group will be centred on whole system actions to address high rates of overweight and obesity in Thurrock and facilitating Elected Member leadership to this agenda. Obesity being a complex issue with many drivers, the focus will be on system-wide council-led actions, including on wider determinants of health (for example promoting physical activity and active transport through spatial planning policies, promoting a healthy food environment etc), that impact on population overweight and obesity.


This group will include representation from the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB), since obesity reduction is a key element of Goal 1A of the Health & Wellbeing Strategy (HWBS): Work with communities to reduce smoking and obesity in Thurrock. The group will also include Healthwatch to encompass community views. The outcome of the working group would be to recommend how the council changes and works through its policy and strategy framework to support obesity reduction.