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Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee

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Information about Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The scope of the Committee is to review and scrutinise matters relating to the Housing Directorate in Thurrock, including:

·         The formulation of policies and strategies to govern the Council’s housing activities

·         Housing needs issues, including allocations and tenancy reform

·         Service issues, including the repairs service, local budgets, customer profiling and personalised services (particularly for older residents).

·         Development, including Housing Revenue Account financing, new build and regeneration of the estates.

·         The registrations of landlords, standards within the sector and its use as temporary accommodation.

·         The Housing Revenue Account (HRA) budget

·         Homelessness and Travellers

The Committee has six Elected Members and one Co-opted Member, a representative of Council Tenants in Thurrock.

This meeting is open to the public, although in considering some items of business, the press and public may be requested to leave the meeting.